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Frequency Correlates in Grapheme-Color Synaesthesia
Individuals with synaesthesia experience certain stimuli in more than one sensory modality. Most common is the linkage of letters and digits (graphemes) to colors. Whereas synaesthesia might beExpand
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Synaesthesia: When coloured sounds taste sweet
Synaesthesia is the involuntary physical experience of a cross-modal linkage — for example, hearing a tone (the inducing stimulus) evokes an additional sensation of seeing a colour (concurrentExpand
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When the Sun Prickles Your Nose: An EEG Study Identifying Neural Bases of Photic Sneezing
Background Exposure to bright light such as sunlight elicits a sneeze or prickling sensation in about one of every four individuals. This study presents the first scientific examination of thisExpand
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