Giampietro Ravagnan

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Dopaminergic neurons and their projection-systems are important in some fundamental human activities like locomotion, feeding and sex, essential for survival and procreation, and are relevant to pathologies like Parkinson's disease and drug abuse. Three main dopaminergic projection-systems, namely the nigrostriatal, mesocortical and mesolimbic pathways are(More)
Long-term exposure to high altitude has been reported to impair cognitive functions, possibly resulting in an increased risk of mountain accidents. To assess the modification of cognitive functions during acclimatisation to altitude, 17 climbers were studied at 5350 m a.s.l. by means of a neuropsychological learning test. The results clearly show that by(More)
The influence of chronic maternal morphine on the parvalbumin immunoreactive patterns in developing mouse brain was studied. Female Swiss mice were administered daily saline or morphine (30 or 60 mg/kg) for a period of 7 days before mating, gestation, and 21 days postpartum. Their pups were sacrificed on postnatal day 18 and the brains were examined(More)
BACKGROUND Human T-cell leukemia virus (HTLV-1) is a lymphotropic retrovirus associated to adult T cell leukemia (ATL) and to non-neoplastic inflammatory conditions affecting the central nervous system, lung or skin. The inflammatory disorders associated to HTLV-1 are mediated by different proinflammatory cytokines as IL-1α, IL-6, TNF-α. The release and the(More)
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