Giampiero La Rocca

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BACKGROUND Exposure to cigarette smoke is considered a major risk factor for the development of lung diseases, since its causative role has been assessed in the induction and maintenance of an inflamed state in the airways. Lung fibroblasts can contribute to these processes, due to their ability to produce proinflammatory chemotactic molecules and(More)
Matrix metalloproteinases, in particular the gelatinases MMP-2 and MMP-9, have received great attention in recent years as putative tumour markers for clinical applications. The main reason for the observed interest is their easy detection in body fluids. Moreover, recent evidence has shown multiple functions of MMPs, rather than simply degrading ECM, which(More)
Aim of the EC sponsored project 'Multidisciplinary Design and Optimization of Blended Wing-Bodies' is the development and application of a fully integrated Computer Design Engine (CDE). TU Delft contributed to the project with the development of a Blended Wing-Body Multi-Model Generator, which is able to supply geometries and data to the analysis software,(More)
Stem cells can be found in embryonic and extraembryonic tissues as well as in adult organs. In particular, research in the last few years has delineated the key features of perinatal stem cells derived from fetus-associated tissues. These cells show multiple differentiation potential, can be easily expanded ex vivo, and raise no ethical concerns as regards(More)
BACKGROUND It is increasingly clear that some heat shock proteins (Hsps) play a role in inflammation. Here, we report results showing participation of Hsp60 in the pathogenesis of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD), as indicated by data from both in vivo and in vitro analyses. METHODS AND RESULTS Bronchial biopsies from patients with stable(More)
Mesenchymal (stromal) stem cells (MSC) are a broad class of stromal populations which are able to differentiate towards mature cell types, and do express molecules involved in immune modulation, tolerance induction and inflammation dampening. MSC can be virtually isolated from each adult organ, as well as from foetus-associated perinatal tissues. In(More)
Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) constitute a variety of cellular populations which were described first about 35 years ago in the bone marrow (BM) stroma [1]. These years have foreseen an exponential increase of reports pointing out features, stemness, markers, tissue sources and clinical applications of these cells. Cells with MSC features can be isolated(More)
Heat-shock protein (Hsp)10 is the co-chaperone for Hsp60 inside mitochondria, but it also resides outside the organelle. Variations in its levels and intracellular distribution have been documented in pathological conditions, e.g. cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Here, we show that Hsp10 in COPD undergoes changes at the molecular and(More)
In recent years, umbilical cord blood (UCB) has been widely used as an alternative source to bone marrow (BM) for transplantation of hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells (HSPCs) in a variety of hematological and non-hematological disorders. Nevertheless, the insufficient number of UCB-HSPCs for graft represents a major challenge. HSPCs ex vivo expansion(More)