Giampaolo Mistura

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We report the immobilization and characterization of a spiropyran (SP) derivative (1) on smooth Si(100) and porous H-terminated silicon surfaces through a thermal hydrosilylation protocol. Under visible light exposure the SP is in a closed, hydrophobic form, whereas under UV irradiation it converts to a polar, hydrophilic open form named merocyanine (MC).(More)
We have measured the adsorption of argon films on arrays of microscopic nonlinear cusps and of semicircular channels. In the former case, we observe a distinct crossover from a planarlike to a geometry dependent growth behavior near liquid-vapor bulk coexistence, characterized by a growth exponent chi equal to -0.96+/-0.04 in very good agreement with the(More)
We performed systematic adsorption studies using self-ordered nanoporous anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) in an extended range of mean pore diameters and with different pore topologies. These matrices were characterized by straight cylindrical pores having a narrow pore size distribution and no interconnections. Pronounced hysteresis loops between adsorption and(More)
We present a comprehensive study of water drops sliding down chemically heterogeneous surfaces formed by a periodic pattern of alternating hydrophobic and hydrophilic stripes. Drops are found to undergo a stick-slip motion whose average speed is an order of magnitude smaller than that measured on a homogeneous surface having the same static contact angle.(More)
We report the results of comprehensive experiments and numerical calculations of interfacial morphologies of water confined to the hydrophilic top face of rectangular posts of width W = 500 μm and lengths between L = 5W and 30W. A continuous evolution of the interfacial shape from a homogeneous liquid filament to a bulged filament and back is observed(More)
We report the results of extensive experimental studies of the sliding of water drops on chemically heterogeneous surfaces formed by square and triangular hydrophobic domains printed on glass surfaces and arranged in various symmetric patterns. Overall, the critical Bond number, that is, the critical dimensionless force needed to depin the drop, is found to(More)
We perform a joint numerical and experimental study to systematically characterize the motion of 30 μl drops of pure water and of ethanol in water solutions, sliding over a periodic array of alternating hydrophobic and hydrophilic stripes with a large wettability contrast and a typical width of hundreds of microns. The fraction of the hydrophobic areas has(More)
The inertial sliding of physisorbed submonolayer islands on crystal surfaces contains unexpected information on the exceptionally smooth sliding state associated with incommensurate superlubricity and on the mechanisms of its disappearance. Here, in a joint quartz crystal microbalance and molecular dynamics simulation case study of Xe on Cu(111), we show(More)
We have employed the quartz-crystal microbalance technique to measure the sliding friction of krypton films physisorbed on gold. By slowly increasing the amplitude of the substrate oscillations, we have observed a sharp transition from a film locked to the substrate to a sliding one. This transition is characterized by hysteresis both in dissipation and(More)