Giampaolo L. Libralon

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Due to the imprecise nature of biological experiments, biological data is often characterized by the presence of redundant and noisy data. This may be due to errors that occurred during data collection, such as contaminations in laboratorial samples. It is the case of gene expression data, where the equipments and tools currently used frequently produce(More)
Currently, there is an increasing number of patients that are treated in-home, mainly in countries such as Japan, USA and Europe. As well as this, the number of elderly people has increased significantly in the last fifteen years and these people are often treated in-home and at times enter into a critical situation that may require help (e.g when facing an(More)
Facial expressions are the facial changes in response to a person's internal emotional states, intentions, or social communications. Facial expression analysis has been an active research topic for behavioral scientists since the work of Darwin in 1872. It includes both measurement of facial motion and recognition of expression. There are two different ways(More)
There is an increasing number of studies in the area of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) that bears witness to the importance of taking account of emotional factors in interactions with computer systems. By getting to know the emotions of the users, it is possible for artificial agents to have an influence on human feelings with a view to stimulating them(More)
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