Giampaolo Cristadoro

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The complexity of human interactions with social and natural phenomena is mirrored in the way we describe our experiences through natural language. In order to retain and convey such a high dimensional information, the statistical properties of our linguistic output has to be highly correlated in time. An example are the robust observations, still largely(More)
We consider the billiard dynamics in a striplike set that is tessellated by countably many translated copies of the same polygon. A random configuration of semidispersing scatterers is placed in each copy. The ensemble of dynamical systems thus defined, one for each global choice of scatterers, is called quenched random Lorentz tube. We prove that under(More)
We consider networks in which random walkers are removed because of the failure of specific nodes. We interpret the rate of loss as a measure of the importance of nodes, a notion we denote as failure centrality. We show that the degree of the node is not sufficient to determine this measure and that, in a first approximation, the shortest loops through the(More)
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