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In this paper we discuss a theoretical framework aimed to specify the conditions under which the mediation offered by an educational system (based on a direct manipulation interface) is effective for the teaching and learning activity. We have worked out this framework on the basis of the experience we developed in the design, implementation and(More)
Introduction This paper presents a theoretical framework we draw on when designing and developing ICT-based systems for mathematics learning and teaching. Over recent years there has been increasingly widespread debate over the mediation role that ICT-based systems can play within mathematics education. For some time research in this field has focused(More)
This paper analyses the role of technology in the development of crucial knowledge and competencies in algebra, such as those involved in the comprehension and use of the notions of equivalence and equality. The hypothesis of our research is that technology can be exploited to make available new operative and representative possibilities to structure a new(More)
The aim of this work is the development of an image analysis technique for 3D shape acquisition, based on luminous fringes projections. More in detail the method is based on the simultaneous use of several projectors, which is desirable whenever the surface under inspection has a complex geometry, with undercuts or shadow areas. In these cases, the usual(More)
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