Giambattista Guaitoli

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Acquired resistance to cisplatin (cDDP) is a multifactorial process that represents one of the main problems in ovarian cancer therapy. Distamycin A is a minor groove DNA binder whose toxicity has limited its use and prompted the synthesis of derivatives such as NAX001 and NAX002, which have a carbamoyl moiety and different numbers of pyrrolamidine groups.(More)
The European Commission estimates that car crash-related costs in Europe are around 160 billion euros, approximately 2% of the Gross Domestic Product [1]. In several countries, car crashes are the first cause of death among subjects aged 15-30, with a direct heavy impact on the years of life lost; in young subjects car crashes also represent one of the(More)
Ataxin-3, the disease protein in Machado-Joseph disease, is known to be proteolytically modified by various enzymes including two major families of proteases, caspases and calpains. This processing results in the generation of toxic fragments of the polyglutamine-expanded protein. Although various approaches were undertaken to identify cleavage sites within(More)
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