Giada Adelfio

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MOTIVATION Knowing the exact locations of multiple change points in genomic sequences serves several biological needs, for instance when data represent aCGH profiles and it is of interest to identify possibly damaged genes involved in cancer and other diseases. Only a few of the currently available methods deal explicitly with estimation of the number and(More)
A new approach for point process diagnostics is presented. The method is based on extending second-order statistics for point processes by weighting each point by the inverse of the conditional intensity function at the point's location. The result is generalized versions of the spectral density, R/S statistic, correlation integral and K-function, which can(More)
In this paper we propose a nonparametric method, based on locally variable band-widths kernel estimators, to describe the space-time variation of seismic activity of a region of Southern California. The flexible estimation approach is introduced together with a diagnostic method for space-time point process, based on the interpretation of some second-order(More)
Riassunto: In questo lavoro viene proposta una tecnica di clustering progettata per separare le due principali componenti dell'attività sismica di un'area sismogenetica: la sismicità di fondo e quella relativa a sequenze sismiche. Il metodo qui proposto assegna ciascun terremoto a una sequenza sismica o all'insieme degli eventi che costituiscono la(More)
Looking for curves similarity could be a complex issue characterized by subjective choices related to continuous transformations of observed discrete data (Chiodi, 1989). In this paper we combine the aim of finding clusters from a set of individual curves to the functional nature of data, applying a variant of a k-means algorithm based on the principal(More)
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