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We consider a system of nonlinear partial differential equations with stochastic dynamical boundary conditions that arises in models of neurophysiology for the diffusion of electrical potentials through a finite network of neurons. Motivated by the discussion in the biological literature, we impose a general diffusion equation on each edge through a(More)
We study the asymptotic behavior of solutions to stochastic evolution equations with monotone drift and multiplicative Poisson noise in the variational setting , thus covering a large class of (fully) nonlinear partial differential equations perturbed by jump noise. In particular, we provide sufficient conditions for the existence, ergodicity, and(More)
Our work is concerned with a neural network with n nodes, where the activity of the k-th cell depends on external, stochastic inputs as well as the coupling generated by the activity of the adjacent cells, transmitted through a diffusion process in the network. This paper aims to throw some light on time-varying, stochastically perturbed, neuronal networks.(More)
We study a class of reaction-diffusion type equations on a finite network with continuity assumptions and a kind of non-local, stationary Kirch-hoff's conditions at the nodes. A multiplicative random Gaussian perturbation acting along the edges is also included. For such a problem we prove Gaussian estimates for the semigroup generated by the evolution(More)
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