Giacomo Verticale

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In this paper, we study the problems of resource allocation and admission control of traffic flows with guaranteed Quality of Service. Specifically, we deal with traffic flows regulated by Dual-Leaky Buckets and we establish the analytical expressions for (a) the minimum capacity to be allocated in order to guarantee the required delay performance and for(More)
The massive integration of renewable energy sources into the power grid ecosystem with the aim of reducing carbon emissions must cope with their intrinsically intermittent and unpredictable nature. Therefore, the grid must improve its capability of controlling the energy demand by adapting the power consumption curve to match the trend of green energy(More)
The early identification of applications through the observation and fast analysis of the associated packet flows is a critical building block of intrusion detection and policy enforcement systems. The simple techniques currently used in practice, such as looking at the transport port numbers or at the application payload, are increasingly less effective(More)
The evolution of the electricity grid towards the smart grid paradigm is fostering the integration of distributed renewable energy sources in smart buildings: a combination of local power generation, battery storage and controllable loads can greatly increase the energetic self-sufficiency of a smart building, enabling it to maximize the self-consumption of(More)
The diffusion of Electric Vehicles (EV) fostered by the evolution of the power system towards the new concept of Smart Grid introduces several technological challenges related to the synergy among electricity-propelled vehicle fleets and the energy grid ecosystem. EVs promise to reduce carbon emissions by exploiting Renewable Energy Sources (RESes) for(More)
This work proposes an enhancement of the GPSR routing protocol to improve the performance of point-to-point IP-based voice communications in a vehicular ad-hoc network. Our enhancement reduces significantly the end-to-end delay in ad-hoc networks using a TDMA-based Medium Access Control protocol. The proposed enhancement of GPSR routing basically consists(More)
The Information Centric Networking (ICN) model relies on the ubiquitous use of caching to improve performance and reduce bandwidth requirements. ICN also makes it possible for routers to fetch content from downstream nodes, such as when a content for a home user is fetched from a neighbor's home router, with significant performance improvement. This paper(More)
The widespread deployment of Automatic Metering Infrastructures in Smart Grid scenarios rises great concerns about privacy preservation of user-related data, from which detailed information about customer’s habits and behaviours can be deduced. Therefore, the users’ individual measurements should be aggregated before being provided to External Entities such(More)