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We have developed a light scattering technique based on differential measurement and polarization (differential light scattering, DLS) capable in principle of retrieving timing information with picosecond resolution without the need for fast electronics. DLS was applied to sonoluminescence, duplicating known results (sharp turnaround, self-similar(More)
We use WMAP5 and other cosmological data to constrain model parameters in quintessence cosmologies, focusing also on their shift when we allow for non–vanishing neutrino masses. The Ratra–Peebles (RP) and SUGRA potentials are used here, as examples of slowly or fastly varying state parameter w(a). Both potentials depend on an energy scale Λ. Here we confirm(More)
Flow cytometers are powerful high-throughput devices that capture spectroscopic information from individual particles or cells. These instruments provide a means of multi-parametric analyses for various cellular biomarkers or labeled organelles and cellular proteins. However, the spectral overlap of fluorophores limits the number of fluorophores that can be(More)
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