Giacomo Trombi

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The association between air temperature and human health is described in detail in a large amount of literature. However, scientific publications estimating how climate change will affect the population's health are much less extensive. In this study current evaluations and future predictions of the impact of temperature on human health in different(More)
We show the error in water-limited yields simulated by crop models which is associated with spatially aggregated soil and climate input data. Crop simulations at large scales (regional, national, continental) frequently use input data of low resolution. Therefore, climate and soil data are often generated via averaging and sampling by area majority. This(More)
The models developed for simulating olive tree and grapevine yields were reviewed by focussing on the major limitations of these models for their application in a changing climate. Empirical models, which exploit the statistical relationship between climate and yield, and process based models, where crop behaviour is defined by a range of relationships(More)
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