Giacomo Reina

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A new adaptive algorithm for the integration of analytic functions is presented. The algorithm processes the integration interval by generating local subintervals whose length is controlled through a feedback loop. Control is performed by means of a relation derived on an analytical basis and valid for an arbitrary integration rule: two different estimates(More)
H(2)FcPh(3)P [FcPh(3)P = 5-ferrocenyl-10,15,20-triphenyl porphyrin(2-)], cis-H(2)Fc(2)Ph(2)P [cis-Fc(2)Ph(2)P = 5,10-bisferrocenyl-15,20-diphenyl porphyrin(2-)], trans-H(2)Fc(2)Ph(2)P [trans-Fc(2)Ph(2)P = 5,15-bisferrocenyl-10,20-diphenyl porphyrin(2-)], and H(2)Fc(3)PhP [Fc(3)PhP = 5,10,15-trisferrocenyl-20-phenyl porphyrin(2-)] along with H(2)TPP [TPP =(More)
The graphene family has captured the interest and the imagination of an increasing number of scientists working in different fields, ranging from composites to flexible electronics. In the area of biomedical applications, graphene is especially involved in drug delivery, biosensing and tissue engineering, with strong contributions to the whole nanomedicine(More)
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