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—In this paper the problem of detecting the presence of similar OFDM signals, i.e. WLAN and WiMAX signals, in an Open Spectrum scenario is faced. The identification of the channel occupancy and the signal classification are performed by using a fast detector based on a single spectral correlation function estimator and a multi-class support vector machine(More)
In this paper, the achievable rates of the so called " multiple-input multiple-output interference channel " , exploited by a couple of single antenna primary terminals and two antenna cognitive radios under specific interference constraints, are analyzed. In particular, by assuming perfect channel state information at the cognitive terminals, a closed form(More)
—The synthesis of metamaterial devices able to enhance the features (radiation, size, etc.) of advanced antenna system is addressed in this work through an innovative surrogate-assisted optimization strategy. The design technique, which belongs to the class of System-by-Design methodologies, integrates a multi-agent cooperative evolutionary optimization(More)