Giacomo Masato

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[1] There is widely believed to be a link between stratospheric flow variability and stationary, persistent “blocking” weather systems, but the precise nature of this link has proved elusive. Using data from the ERA‐40 Reanalysis and an atmospheric general circulation model (GCM) with a well‐resolved stratosphere (HadGAM), it is shown that there are in fact(More)
The latest coupled configuration of the Met Office Unified Model (Global Coupled configuration 2, GC2) is presented. This paper documents the model components which make up the configuration (although the scientific description of these components is detailed elsewhere) and provides a description of the coupling between the components. The performance of(More)
[1] The relationship between biases in Northern Hemisphere (NH) atmospheric blocking frequency and extratropical cyclone track density is investigated in 12 CMIP5 climate models to identify mechanisms underlying climate model biases and inform future model development. Biases in the Greenland blocking and summer Pacific blocking frequencies are associated(More)
Some recent winters in Western Europe have been characterized by the occurrence of multiple extratropical cyclones following a similar path. The occurrence of such cyclone clusters leads to large socio-economic impacts due to damaging winds, storm surges, and floods. Recent studies have statistically characterized the clustering of extratropical cyclones(More)
OBJECTIVES In this study a prototype of a new health forecasting alert system is developed, which is aligned to the approach used in the Met Office's (MO) National Severe Weather Warning Service (NSWWS). This is in order to improve information available to responders in the health and social care system by linking temperatures more directly to risks of(More)
Atmospheric mid-latitude circulation is dominated by a zonal, westerly flow. Such a flow is 8 generally symmetric, but it can be occasionally broken up by blocking anticyclones. The subsequent 9 asymmetric flow can persist for several days. In this paper, we apply new mathematical tools based 10 on the computation of an extremal index in order to reexamine(More)
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