Giacomo Langfelder

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The Transverse Field Detector (TFD) is a filter-less and demosaicking-less color sensitive device that easily allows the design of more than three color acquisition channels at each pixel site. The separation of light into different wavelength bands is based on the generation of transverse electric fields inside the device depleted region, and exploits the(More)
This work focuses on the improvement of a multispectral imaging sensor based on transverse field detectors (TFDs). We aimed to achieve a higher color and spectral accuracy in the estimation of spectral reflectances from sensor responses. Such an improvement was done by combining these recently developed silicon-based sensors with color filter arrays (CFAs).(More)
—The combination of multiaxis and multiparameter microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) in the same technology would result in very cheap and smart inertial measurement units (IMUs). In this paper, a Z-axis Lorentz-force-based magnetometer whose design and optimization are reviewed taking into account the constraints of an industrial MEMS technology (process(More)