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The feature list of modern IDEs is steadily growing and mastering these tools becomes more and more demanding, especially for novice programmers. Despite their remarkable capabilities, IDEs often still cannot directly answer the questions that arise during program comprehension tasks. Instead developers have to map their questions to multiple concrete(More)
Throughout the years software engineers have come up with a myriad of specialized tools and techniques that focus on a certain type of analysis, such as metrics extraction, evolution tracking, co-change detection, bug prediction, all the way up to social network analysis of team dynamics. However, easy and straight forward synergies between these(More)
The Semantic Web provides a standardized, well-established framework to define and work with ontologies. It is especially apt for machine processing. However, researchers in the field of software evolution have not really taken advantage of that so far. In this paper, we address the potential of representing software evolution knowledge with ontologies and(More)
Access to data stored in software repositories by systems such as version control, bug and issue tracking, or mailing lists is essential for assessing the quality of a software system. A myriad of analyses exploiting that data have been proposed throughout the years: source code analysis, code duplication analysis, co-change analysis, bug prediction, or(More)
Software evolution data stored in repositories such as version control, bug and issue tracking, or mailing lists is crucial to better understand a software system and assess its quality. A myriad of analyses exploiting such data have been proposed throughout the years. However, easy and straight forward synergies between these analyses rarely exist. To(More)
In a variety of open source software projects, we document a superlinear growth of production intensity (R ~ c(β)) as a function of the number of active developers c, with a median value of the exponent β ≃ 4/3, with large dispersions of β from slightly less than 1 up to 3. For a typical project in this class, doubling of the group size multiplies typically(More)
The replication of studies in mining software repositories (MSR) is essential to compare different mining techniques or assess their findings across many projects. However, it has been shown that very few of these studies can be easily replicated. Their replication is just as fundamental as the studies themselves and is one of the main threats to validity(More)
Current version control systems are not built to be systematically analyzed. They have greatly evolved since their first appearance, but their focus has always been towards supporting developers in forward engineering activities. Supporting the analysis of the development history has so far been neglected. A plethora of third party applications have been(More)
This paper describes a design study that explores how multi-touch devices can provide support for developers when carrying out modeling tasks in software development. We investigate how well a multi-touch augmented approach performs compared to a traditional approach and if this new approach can be integrated into existing software engineering processes.(More)