Giacomo Ferrari

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In this paper a two level dialogue representation system is presented° It is intended to recognize the structure of a large range of dialogues including some nonverbal communicative acts which may be involved in an interaction. It provides a syntactic description of a dialogue which can be expressed in terms of re-writing rules. The semantic level of the(More)
In this paper we present an efficient context-free (CF) bottom-up, non deterministic parser. It is an extension of the ICA (Immediate Constituent Analysis) parser proposed by Grishman (1976), and its major improvements are described. It has been designed to run Augmented Phrase-Structure Grammars (APSG) and performs semantic interpretation in parallel with(More)
The complete and easy-to-use integration of 12-lead diagnostic ECG and various types of epidemiological information is still a difficult task. The P.P.L. (Progetto Policentrico Lombardo) project was initiated in 1993, in order to investigate the incidence of cardiovascular risk factors over a mixed population aged 45-60 yrs, and to improve the risk profile(More)
1. The position of Computational Linguistics Computational Linguistics has a long history, dating back to the Fifties, during which it developed a whole set of computational models and implementations, theories, methodologies and applications. It is difficult to give a sensible account of its present state without going back a little to the main steps(More)