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The relevance of service in European manufacturing industries
Purpose – Case study findings increasingly indicate that the implementation of service‐based business concepts is becoming a global business trend. The purpose of this paper is to analyze a broad
Integrated Technological Solutions for Zero Waste Recycling of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)
The demand for key metals for the production of high-tech products is constantly growing in Europe, leading to relevant problems both in terms of supply risks and costs. Waste from Electric and
A structured methodology for Business Network design
In the new manufacturing environment, a single enterprise does not often own all resources and skills to offer competitive solutions. Therefore, such enterprises become part of enterprise networks of
Holistic Approach for Jointly Designing Dematerialized Machine Tools and Production Systems Enabling Flexibility-Oriented Business Models
Machine tools and production systems are traditionally designed in two separate stages, thus severely penalize the possibility to match customer production requirements. This work introduces the
Machine Tool Industry: Beyond Tradition?
Service infusion in the machine tool industry is regarded as a key-competitive factor for the future of this strategic sector and of manufacturing companies that use machine tools for production.
Proposal of an Innovative Business Model for Customized Production in Healthcare
This paper aims at proposing an innovative business model to support hospitals for customized production in healthcare that can change the role of the hospital from a solely user to a producer.
An integrated framework for combined designing dematerialised machine tools and production systems enabling flexibility-oriented business models
The current work outlines an innovative production system design and management approach based on the concept of dematerialisation whose major purpose is to reduce the amount of material, energy and
Remanufacturing with upgrade PSS for new sustainable business models
Sustainable Micro-Manufacturing of Micro-Components via Micro Electrical Discharge Machining
Micro-manufacturing emerged in the last years as a new engineering area with the potential of increasing peoples’ quality of life through the production of innovative micro-devices to be used, for