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Uncertainty and Narratives of the Future: A Theoretical Framework for Contemporary Fertility
Explanations for fertility decisions based on structural constraints—such as labor, housing condition, or income—do not account for the contemporary fertility downturn faced by many countries inExpand
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Economic Uncertainty and Fertility in Europe: Narratives of the Future
BACKGROUND: In the last decade fertility rates have declined in most European countries, and explanations have tended to focus on the rise of economic uncertainty after the Great Recession. TheExpand
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A reflection on economic uncertainty and fertility in Europe: The Narrative Framework
The generalized and relatively homogeneous fertility decline across European countries in the aftermath of the Great Recession poses serious challenges to our knowledge of contemporary low fertilityExpand
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Money as a Tool for Collective Action
Complementary currencies are usually seen as a by-product of collective movements for social change or as an institutional tool for local development: they are an outcome of collective action, notExpand
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Narratives of the future shape fertility in uncertain times. Evidence from the COVID-19 pandemic
The sociological and demographic literatures have widely demonstrated that fertility decisions are shaped by individuals’ previous life experiences and socioeconomic status – the “shadow of theExpand
Theories in Practices. Socio-technical Agencements, Performativity and Economization between Artistic Practices and Social Research
Social research has often seen the artistic practices as a symptom of social phenomena and not as an object of study in itself. With the development of new paradigms of social action, as the idea ofExpand
Marriage and cohabitation under uncertainty: the role of narratives of the future during the COVID-19 pandemic
ABSTRACT This paper addresses the impact of COVID-19-induced uncertainty on union formation intentions in Italy. We acknowledge that decisions made in uncertain conditions rely on personal narrativesExpand
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The Sardex Experience
The use of just one currency within a vast geographical area is a relatively recent historical development, related to the formation of nation-states. However, money proliferation continues: over theExpand