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Multiple line graphs have been extensively used in business, finance and education. Previous color researches suggested that high contrast may be useful for nominal information coding in information design. However, empirical studies on its impacts on the graph-reader's perception towards usefulness of the multiple line graph have been rarely examined. This(More)
Dynamic graphs that represent a great deal of time-series data have become increasingly common these days. Although previous research revealed that blink facilitates visual search tasks by attracting human attention, blink features have not been clearly evident in a dynamic graph reading context. This study examines the effects of blink on the user's(More)
In customer relationship management (CRM), online recommender assumes an important role of suggesting the right product or information to the right customer automatically. Hence customers are empowered with the choices that are predicted to be preferred by the system. The underlying technique is often a collaborative filtering (CF) algorithm that harvests(More)
  • Gia Kim
  • 5th International Conference on Computer Sciences…
  • 2010
Multiple line graphs that represent a large amount of everyday data are commonly used in business and in the finance industry. Color has become a useful addition to such complicated graphs to allow graph-readers to obtain relevant information quickly and easily. Although previous color research revealed that color contrast attracts human attention, a(More)
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