Gia-Hung Nguyen

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This paper tackles the problem of the semantic gap between a document and a query within an ad-hoc information retrieval task. In this context, knowledge bases (KBs) have already been acknowledged as valuable means since they allow the representation of explicit relations between entities. However, they do not necessarily represent implicit relations that(More)
In this paper, we specifically consider the challenging task of solving a question posted on Twitter. The latter generally remains unanswered and most of the replies, if any, are only from members of the questioner's neighborhood. As outlined in previous work related to community Q&A, we believe that question-answering is a collaborative process and(More)
Tackling the vocabulary mismatch has been a long-standing and major goal in information retrieval. Œe state-of-the-art solutions mainly rely on leveraging either the relational semantics provided by external resources or the distributional semantics, recently investigated by deep neural approaches. Guided by the intuition that the relational semantics might(More)
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