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Standard stimulation data for unassisted standing up of paraplegic patients was generated by dynamic optimization linked with model simulation, to overcome the difficulties in the present electromyogram (EMG)-based method. The generated stimulation data were roughly in agreement with the normal subjects' EMG. From these, it is suggested that the(More)
As far as the control scheme is concerned, most clinically-used FES systems adopt a simple on/off scheme or a feedforward scheme based on the predetermined stimulation pattern. The stimulation pattern method is advantageous over the on/off control method in terms of fine control. In the stimulation pattern method, “the standard stimulation pattern” is(More)
A recent trend in bridge construction has been the optimization of the cost-to-performance ratio. The most effective way to optimize the cost-to-performance ratio is to maximize the efficiency of the superstructure. Currently, many bridge engineers and designers favor two- or three- girder plate superstructures, due to their cost advantages. However,(More)
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