Gi-Gyeong Park

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We have generated 47,932 T-DNA tag lines in japonica rice using activation-tagging vectors that contain tetramerized 35S enhancer sequences. To facilitate use of those lines, we isolated the genomic sequences flanking the inserted T-DNA via inverse polymerase chain reaction. For most of the lines, we performed four sets of amplifications using two different(More)
Seed germination is an important character for plant growth and seed quality. We identified a rice mutant that was delayed in its germination. There, T-DNA was inserted into Oryza sativa Delayed Seed Germination 1 (OsDSG1), causing a recessive null mutation. Overexpression of the gene enhanced seed germination. OsDSG1 is most similar to Arabidopsis AIP2, an(More)
Dong-Hoon Jeong, Suyoung An, Sunhee Park, Hong-Gyu Kang, Gi-Gyeong Park, Sung-Ryul Kim, Jayeon Sim, YoungOck Kim, Min-Kyung Kim, Seong-Ryong Kim, Joowon Kim, Moonsoo Shin, Mooyoung Jung and Gynheung An Department of Life Science and National Research Laboratory of Plant Functional Genomics, Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), Pohang(More)
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