Gi Fay Mok

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Myogenesis involves the stable commitment of progenitor cells followed by the execution of myogenic differentiation, processes that are coordinated by myogenic regulatory factors, microRNAs and BAF chromatin remodeling complexes. BAF60a, BAF60b and BAF60c are structural subunits of the BAF complex that bind to the core ATPase Brg1 to provide functional(More)
The expression of the myogenic regulatory factors (MRFs), Myf5, MyoD, myogenin (Mgn) and MRF4 have been analysed during the development of chicken embryo somites and limbs. In somites, Myf5 is expressed first in somites and paraxial mesoderm at HH stage 9 followed by MyoD at HH stage 12, and Mgn and MRF4 at HH stage 14. In older somites, Myf5 and MyoD are(More)
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