Gholamreza Roshan

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PURPOSE Estimating wind chill index as one of the indexes effective in body comfort, specifically for athletes and tourists interested in winter sports. METHODS Meteorology data including temperature and the percentage of relative humidity of 6 synoptic stations of Chaharmahal-Bakhtiyrai province, Iran from 1990 to 2007 were extracted from Iranian(More)
Flowering dates and the timing of late season frost are both driven by local ambient temperatures. However, under climatic warming observed over the past century, it remains uncertain how such impacts affect frost risk associated with plant phenophase shifts. Any increase in frost frequency or severity has the potential to damage flowers and their resultant(More)
In the modern world, the fine balance and delicate relationship between human society and the environment in which we exist has been affected by the phenomena of urbanisation and urban development. Today, various environmental factors give rise to horizontal dispersion, spread and growth of cities. One of the most important results of this is climatic(More)
BACKGROUND Galicia, in northwest Spain, experiences warm summers and winters. However, the higher relative humidity that prevails the whole year through and the location of the summer hot points are related to real weather heat stroke in the hottest season. However, Planet Global Heating was recently analyzed for the climate in Galicia. Climate change was(More)
This study presents a spatiotemporal analysis of bioclimatic comfort conditions for Iran using mean daily meteorological data from 1995 to 2014, analyzed through Physiological Equivalent Temperature (PET) index and Universal Thermal Climate Index (UTCI) indices, and bioclimatic clustering. The results of this study demonstrate that due to the climate(More)
The rapid rise of Caspian Sea water level (about 2.25 meters since 1978) has caused much concern to all five surrounding countries, primarily because flooding has destroyed or damaged buildings and other engineering structures, roads, beaches and farm lands in the coastal zone. Given that climate, and more specifically climate change, is a primary factor(More)
In present research work the effect of climate change over the humidex in Iran is analyzed. From this research, we can conclude that the PDIAQ index showed a special sensibility to changes in temperature and relative humidity, hence, it can be an interesting tool, may be even better than the humidex to show the expected effect of climate change in(More)
BACKGROUND Today, the International Energy Agency is working under good practice guides that integrate appropriate and cost effective technologies. In this paper a new procedure to define building energy consumption in accordance with the ISO 13790 standard was performed and tested based on real data from a Spanish region. RESULTS Results showed that the(More)
Tourism is a rapidly growing international sector and relies intrinsically on an amenable climate to attract visitors. Climate change is likely to influence the locations preferred by tourists and the time of year of peak travel. This study investigates the effect of climate change on the Tourism Climate Index (TCI) for Iran. The paper first calculates the(More)
In this research, using technique for order-preference by similarity to ideal solution (TOPSIS) index, drought phenomenon is determined and ranked. For this purpose, using 5 atmospheric elements including temperature, wind, precipitation days, annual precipitation, precipitation concentration index (PCI), droughts occurred in Shiraz station for 20-year(More)