Gholamreza Abdi

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Bacterial contamination is a serious problem in plant tissue culture procedures. An experiment was conducted to evaluate the potential of nano silver (NS) to remove bacterial contaminants of valerian nodal explants. This experiment was conducted as a completely randomized design in a factorial arrangement with four replications and each replicate with ten(More)
Aloe vera is an important medicinal perennial herb belonging to the family liliaceae. A method for mass propagation of Aloe vera by using different explants and different media with different PGR contain has been developed. Two type of explants (with and without sheath Type A and B respectively) were cultured on MS, B5 and SH media supplemented with(More)
A multicomponent analysis method for the simultaneous spectrophotometric determination of the Cd(2+), Cu(2+), and Zn(2+) based on complex formation with dimethyl-spiro[isobenzofurane-1,6'-pyrorolo[2,3-d]pyrimidine]-2',3,4,5'(1'H,3'H,7'H)tetraone using wavelet transformation-feed forward neural network is proposed. The analytical data showed that metal to(More)
In present study effect of cadmium (Cd) contamination and Zeolite presence in growth media on soybean plants (Glycine max L.) was evaluated. The experiment was conducted as a 3x3 factorial design in a green house with 3 replications. Different levels of zeoilte (0, 2 and 5 g kg soil) and Cd (0, 10 and 25 mg kg soil) were added and mixed with soil(More)
During the development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), one of the major concerns has been the issue of improving the accuracy, coverage, and reliability of automatic navigation systems within the imposed weight and cost limitations. Standard aerial navigation systems often rely on Global Positioning System (GPS) and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU),(More)
Fish and other organisms are affected by pesticides which pollute the natural water through agricultural runoff. The aim of this study was to determine the acute toxicity of botanical pesticide, neem gold, and two synthetic pesticides, permethrin and monocrotophos, which are extensively used in agricultural farms. The mortality rate of Cyprinus carpio was(More)
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