Gholamhossein Sadri

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OBJECTIVE To assess the effects of a comprehensive, integrated community-based lifestyle intervention on diet, physical activity and smoking in two Iranian communities. METHODS Within the framework of the Isfahan Healthy Heart Program, a community trial was conducted in two intervention counties (Isfahan and Najaf-Abad) and a control area (Arak).(More)
BACKGROUND This study evaluated the outcome of a comprehensive, community-based healthy lifestyle program on cardiometabolic risk factors. The Isfahan Healthy Heart Program (IHHP) was a comprehensive action-oriented, multi-component intervention with a quasi-experimental design and reference area.   METHODS IHHP targeted the population-at-large (n =(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the risk of breast cancer associated with passive and active smoking and to explore risk heterogeneity among studies. METHODS We conducted this study in Iran during the year 2006. Fifteen published studies on smoking and breast cancer met the defined criteria. Pooled odds ratio (OR) estimates for female breast cancer were calculated.(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the success of the Iranian Iodine Deficiency Disorders Committee in achieving World Health Organization (WHO) goals for reducing the prevalence of goiter in children by adding iodine to table salt beginning in 1989. METHODS In 1997, 8,000 male and female 6- to 18-year-old students were selected by cluster sampling in schools of(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of the present study was to develop reference data for the Iranian population for anthropometric values and cardiometabolic data in comparison with those in Americans, as representative of a Western population. DESIGN The present cross-sectional survey, conducted as part of the baseline survey of a community-based interventional study(More)
BACKGROUND Recent studies revealed an association between sleep disturbance and metabolic disorders, such as obesity and metabolic syndrome. An aim of this study was to assess the relation between sleep duration and diabetes mellitus in a representative sample of the Iranian population. MATERIALS AND METHODS Participants were 12514 individuals, (6123 men(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the cumulative prevalence of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease risk factors in a representative sample of Iranian adolescents. METHODS The subjects of this cross-sectional study were 1,000 girls and 1,000 boys, ages 11-18 years, selected by multi stage-random cluster sampling from urban and rural areas of three cities in Iran.(More)
INTRODUCTION To assess the effect of a comprehensive community-based programme for increasing physical activity (PA) after 2 years of interventions. MATERIAL AND METHODS A 6-year, action-oriented, comprehensive, and integrated community-based study, entitled the Isfahan Healthy Heart Programme, was conducted in Iran from the year 2000. The interventions(More)
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES Smoking cessation advice is known as an important factor in motivating smokers to quit smoking. We investigated the extent, sources and predictors of receiving unsolicited advice and seeking active advice for smoking cessation in Iran. METHODS A cross-sectional study was performed as a part of Isfahan Healthy Heart Program (IHHP)(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the impact of gender and living area on cardiovascular risk factors in the context of a comprehensive lifestyle intervention program. DESIGN Data from independent sample surveys before (2000--2001) and after (2007) a community trial, entitled the Isfahan Healthy Heart Program (IHHP) were used to compare differences in the intervention(More)
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