Gholamhossein Dastghaibyfard

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The rapid growth in demand for computational power has led to a shift to the cloud computing model established by large-scale virtualized data centers. Such data centers consume enormous amounts of electrical energy. Cloud providers must ensure that their service delivery is flexible to meet various consumer requirements. However, to support green(More)
In recent years many reversible data hiding schemes for vector quantization (VQ)-compressed images have been developed. However most of them generate non-legitimate codes as output and make the data hiding behavior detectable. Moreover existing schemes with legitimate outputs usually need side information to achieve reversibility. In this paper a reversible(More)
This paper presents a new way to compute the Delaunay triangulation of a planar set P of n points, using sweep-circle technique combined with the standard recursive edge-flipping. The algorithm sweeps the plane by an increasing circle whose center is a fixed point in the convex hull of P. Empirical results and comparisons show that it reduces the number of(More)
One of the important and well-researched problems in data mining is mining association rules from transactional databases, where each transaction consists of a set of items. The main operation in this discovery process is computing the occurrence frequency of the interesting set of items. i.e., Association Rule mining algorithms search for the set of all(More)