Gholamhassan Najafi

Safieddin Ardebili1
Obed M Ali1
1Safieddin Ardebili
1Obed M Ali
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In this study, the fuel properties and engine performance of blended palm biodiesel-diesel using diethyl ether as additive have been investigated. The properties of B30 blended palm biodiesel-diesel fuel were measured and analyzed statistically with the addition of 2%, 4%, 6% and 8% (by volume) diethyl ether additive. The engine tests were conducted at(More)
This study deals with artificial neural network (ANN) modeling of a spark ignition engine to predict engine thermal balance. To acquire data for training and testing of ANN, a four-cylinder, four-stroke test engine was fuelled with ethanol-gasoline blended fuels with various percentages of ethanol and operated at different engine speeds and loads. The(More)
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