Gholamali Moghaddam

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Changes in selected blood and serum components and electrocardiography (ECG) were investigated in 20 adults (13 females and 7 males) of water buffaloes suffering from severe theileriosis. The age of all animals used in this study ranged 1.5-5 yr. Theileriosis was diagnosed by observation of parasites in the peripheral blood and the presence of schizonts in(More)
Genetic variation among sheep breeds in resistance to gastrointestinal nematodes (GIN) has been demonstrated in several production environments. Relationships between the ovine major histocompatibility complex and resistance to GIN have been studied, but few studies have systematically examined this issue in less-developed and semi-arid regions. The aim of(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the values of amniotic fluid (AF) progesterone and biochemical constituents and its associated placenta traits in Iranian crossbred ewes (Arkhar-Merino×Ghezel). METHODS Sixty ewes (2-5 years old, weighing 40-50 kg) were treated with controlled internal drug release induced 30 mg progesterone for 14 d and were injected with 400 IU(More)
Semen collection evaluation and addition of preservatives to increase storage period of sperm are essential for successful artificial insemination. This study was conducted on 4rams (2 Ghezel Merinos and 2 Merinos Moghani) to evaluate the effect of two diluents in Khalatposhan research station. Average age of rams was 3 years. Rams were trained to serve the(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies reported many discrepancies about the effects of corpus luteum (CL) and ovarian follicle size on the developmental competence of oocytes. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of CL and different size of follicle on the developmental potential of bovine oocytes. MATERIALS AND METHODS After ovarian(More)
This study was conducted to determine the combined effects of adding vitamin E (VitE) and selenium nanoparticle (Nano-Se) as antioxidant supplements to rooster semen extender for freezing. Semen samples were collected from 12 White Leghorn roosters and pooled. Subsequently, the samples were divided into nine equal groups using modified Beltsville extender.(More)
Spermatogonial Stem Cell (SSC) technologies provide multiple opportunities for research in the field of biotechnology and regenerative medicine. The therapeutic use of Embryonic Stem Cells (ESCs) is restricted due to severe ethical and immunological concerns. Therefore, we need a new pluripotent cell type. Despite well-known role of germ cells in the(More)
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