Gholam Hasan Shirdel

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Assigning facilities to locations is one of the important problems, which significantly is influence in transportation cost reduction. In this study, we solve quadratic assignment problem (QAP), using a meta-heuristic algorithm with deterministic tasks and equality in facilities and location number. It should be noted that any facility must be assign to(More)
A genetic algorithm is presented to find the arrival probability in a directed acyclic network with stochastic parameters, that gives more reliability of transmission flow in delay sensitive networks. Some sub-networks are extracted from the original network, and a connection is established between the original source node and the original destination node(More)
The stochastic shortest path length is defined as the arrival probability from a given source node to a given destination node in the stochastic networks. We consider the topological changes and their effects on the arrival probability in directed acyclic networks. There is a stable topology which shows the physical connections of nodes; however, the(More)
In this paper, the maximum capacity path problem in time-varying network is presented, where waiting times at vertices are not allowable. Moreover, the capacities are considered the generalized trapezoidal fuzzy number. An exact algorithm is proposed which can find a optimal solution of problem subject to the time of path is at most T, where T is a given(More)
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