Gholam H. Khaksari

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We describe the architecture, design, and implementation of a VoIP softphone that runs on a bare Intel-386 (or above) based PC. We compare the performance of bare PC and WinRTP softphones on the Internet by determining call quality and measuring the values of jitter, delay, and packet loss. We also conduct experiments on a LAN to test the limits of the bare(More)
Bare PC computing is a novel approach to computing in which there is no operating system, and applications are provided with direct interfaces to the hardware. Bare PC systems are of particular interest for secure, reliable, and efficient peer-to-peer communication between users in view of their inherent simplicity. In this paper, we first provide a brief(More)
We compare VoIP performance on IPv6 and IPv4 LANs in the presence of varying levels of background UDP traffic. A conventional softphone is used to make calls and a bare PC (operating systemless) softphone is used as a control to determine the impact of system overhead. The performance measures are maximum and mean delta (the time between the arrival of(More)
We present a bare PC Web server design that runs on any Intel 386 based PC without any hard disk and other supporting software. This server design is based on simplicity and minimal functionality. We identify design issues related to such server and provide our preliminary performance measurements in comparison with IIS and Apache servers. We have found(More)
The Expert Diagnostic System (EDS), an Automatic System Level Test Tool, is a hybrid knowledge based diagnostic system under development for use in diagnosing failures in Westinghouse Avionic Systems. The EDS contains both shallow and deep knowledge reasoning. Expert emperical (Shallow) Knowledge is captured and represented using rules in OPS5 [1,3](More)
Bare PC applications do not use an operating system or hard disk. We present a lightweight VoIP security scheme for a bare PC softphone that consists of an RSAbased key exchange, AES voice encryption, and SHA-1 data integrity and authentication. The scheme is easily extended to incorporate replay protection and a key derivation function as specified in SRTP(More)
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