Gholam Ali Parham

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Classical statistical analysis of the Rayleigh distribution deals with precise information. However, in real world situations, experimental performance results cannot always be recorded or measured precisely, but each observable event may only be identified with a fuzzy subset of the sample space. Therefore, the conventional procedures used for estimating(More)
Since the domain of correlation Farlie–Gumbel–Morgenstern copulas is limited, in this new extension has been attempted to extend the domain of correlation Farlie– Gumbel–Morgenstern copulas and also use it to model high negative dependence values. The ranges of the Spearman's correlation in our proposed extension have been found to be in ] 43. 0 , 5. 0 [−.(More)
Resumen Classical estimation procedures for the parameters of Weibull distribution are based on precise data. It is usually assumed that observed data are precise real numbers. However, some collected data might be imprecise and are represented in the form of fuzzy numbers. Thus, it is necessary to generalize classical statistical estimation methods for(More)
Some work has been done in the past on the estimation of reliability characteristics of Rayleigh distribution based on complete and censored samples. But, traditionally it is assumed that the available data are performed in exact numbers. However, in real world situations, some collected lifetime data might be imprecise and are represented in the form of(More)
OBJECTIVES Previous studies have shown that vitamin B as well as folate supplementation has been implicated in cognitive and neurodegenerative disorders including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. The aim of present study was to evaluate the effects of folic acid on passive avoidance task and motor coordination in healthy adult male rats. MATERIALS(More)
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