Gholam Abbass Moosavi

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OBJECTIVE To investigate whether venous blood gases (VBG) test can be replace by an arterial blood gases (ABG) in exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). METHODS From October 2005 to March 2006, at the Emergency Room of Kashan Beheshti Hospital, the data of 107 patients with exacerbation of COPD were assessed. Arterial blood gases(More)
BACKGROUND Patients undergone mechanical ventilation need rapid and reliable evaluation of their respiratory status. Monitoring of End-tidal carbon dioxide (ETCO2) as a surrogate, noninvasive measurement of arterial carbon dioxide (PaCO2) is one of the methods used for this purpose in intubated patients. OBJECTIVES The aim of the present trial was to(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether serum total IgE levels and total eosinophil counts have any relationship with the response to routine pharmacological treatment in patients with acute asthma. METHODS A cross-sectional study involving 162 patients with acute asthma. Serum total IgE levels, peripheral blood cell counts and eosinophil counts were determined.(More)
Corticosteroids are recommended for emergency management of an asthmatic attack. This study was designed to compare the effectiveness of oral and intramuscular steroid on spirometric results in acute asthma. We performed a randomized trial involving 88 adults, aged 15-70 years, with acute exacerbation of asthma requiring treatment with steroids. All had(More)
Obesity as a common health risk is increasing all over the world. The aim of this study was evaluation of standing and sitting positions on spirometric values in obese asthmatic patients, in comparison with normal obese subjects. The study included 49 obese asthmatic patients with mean age of 42.63 years and body mass index of 36.06 kg/m2, and 51 control(More)
BACKGROUND Due to current controversies regarding the effect of age on response to treatment in asthmatic patient, the present study was performed on patients referred with acute asthma attack for further evaluation of this matter. MATERIALS AND METHODS In this study 138 patients with severe persistent asthma were enrolled and divided into two categories(More)
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