Ghofrane Fersi

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Recent advances in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) have led to a great breakthrough in sensors design and features. These technological novelties have brought additional challenges to WSN. Sensornets are seeking for new approaches for efficient data routing and management. The last few years have witnessed the emergence of several approaches that build(More)
The significant progress in smart devices has lead to the shifting of actual Internet to the Internet of Things (IoT). Internet of Things is invading our real lives. In this new Internet vision, trillions of smart dynamic objects and areas will be connected to the Internet and interact between each others to achieve common applications. This new Internet(More)
Radio communications are the most important sources of energy consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). Optimizing the sensors transmitting power with keeping the required nodes average degree preserves significantly the sensors energy. In this paper, we analyze the optimal transmitting power needed by each sensor to reach a given average node degree(More)
Bootstrapping is one of the most crucial issues in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) especially at the case of ring-based protocols where all the nodes should be placed into one global consistent ring. Recent approaches are unable to form directly one global ring. They form as a first step multiple rings, then add an additional step to fuse all the rings into(More)
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