Ghita Kouadri Mostefaoui

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aBsTraCT The ultimate effectiveness in terms of quality achievements should be a key concern of systems built from Web services. To this end, in this chapter we focus upon our experiences in the development, testing, and deployment of systems built on Web services to support a variety of distributed healthcare applications. The middleware that underpins(More)
AbstrAct This chapter presents our research initiative known as aspect-oriented framework for Web services (AoF4WS). This initiative looks into the role of aspect-oriented programming in enhancing Web services with nonfunctional properties that are orthogonal to the primary functional properties of Web services, without the need for extensive reprogramming.(More)
AbStrAct In recent years, the security research community has been very active in proposing different techniques and algorithms to face the proliferating security vulnerabilities. However, social engineering remains an alarming threat to the most secured networks. Security administrators are certainly aware of the gravity of the human factor, whatever is(More)
The macromolecular crystallography (MX) user experience at synchrotron radiation facilities continues to evolve, with the impact of developments in X-ray detectors, computer hardware and automation methods making it possible for complete data sets to be collected on timescales of tens of seconds. Data can be reduced in a couple of minutes and in favourable(More)
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