Ghislaine Rigoli

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AIMS Remodelling and regional gradients in expression of connexins (Cx) are thought to contribute to atrial electrical dysfunction and atrial fibrillation. We assessed the effect of interaction between Cx43, Cx40, and Cx45 on atrial cell-to-cell coupling and inward Na current (I(Na)) in engineered pairs of atrial myocytes derived from wild-type mice(More)
RATIONALE Spatial heterogeneity in connexin (Cx) expression has been implicated in arrhythmogenesis. OBJECTIVE This study was performed to quantify the relation between the degree of heterogeneity in Cx43 expression and disturbances in electric propagation. METHODS AND RESULTS Cell pairs and strands composed of mixtures of Cx43(-/-) (Cx43KO) or(More)
A 16 year old girl did a handstand for fun, returned to her feet, experienced a sudden pain in her back, and became progressively paraplegic within 30 hours. MRI showed lumbar cord swelling, multiple Schmorl's nodes, a collapsed T11-T12 disc space, and intraspongious disc prolapse into the T12 vertebral body. These findings, related to the initial(More)
PRIMARY OBJECTIVE The evaluation of school and work reintegration of patients following severe brain injury and of the relationship between the most common (early and late) prognostic indicators and reintegration itself. RESEARCH DESIGN A retrospective study on a population of 353 patients consecutively admitted to an intensive rehabilitation unit (S.(More)
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