Ghislaine Doniol-Shaw

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Attempts have been made to justify the sexual division of labor by referring to women's relative physical weakness, lack of technical competence, and dislike for dirty work. An analysis of the work activity of train cleaners in France showed a rigid sexual division of labor, in which the task of toilet cleaning was exclusively assigned to women. Interviews(More)
OBJECTIVE Like most Western countries, France is faced with rapid changes in how social welfare and care regimes are being organized. Home care for the elderly has been closely affected by such trends. This study will analyse the consequences of such developments on work schedules and working conditions of female home care workers. METHODS We carried out(More)
The reappearance of the tram in French cities over the past 20 years has stimulated innovation. Ensuring the attractiveness of this transit mode has meant conveying a distinctly modern image of the system. Inherent in the resurgence of this transit mode, a safety device, in the form of a monitoring system (the “dead-man device” in rail parlance) intended to(More)
The desire to enhance the attractiveness of public transit services constitutes a factor of development as well as innovation in this field. Such a motivation is typically aimed at improving the performance of systems while holding costs under control. Against this backdrop, we have analyzed a docking assistance device installed on conventional articulated(More)
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