Gherusa Helena Milbratz

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A 29 year old male was admitted at the emergency room suffering from gradually worsening headache followed by nausea. In the hospital patient presented with lethargy, reduction of consciousness level and bilateral hypoacusis. Ophthalmic examination and fluorescein angiography showed retinal vasculitis. This finding was crucial to the diagnosis of Susac(More)
PURPOSE To describe a new computerized method for the analysis of lid contour based on the measurement of multiple radial midpupil lid distances. DESIGN Evaluation of diagnostic technology. PARTICIPANTS AND CONTROLS Monocular palpebral fissure images of 35 patients with Graves' upper eyelid retraction and of 30 normal subjects. METHODS Custom software(More)
PURPOSE To determine the location of contour abnormalities in Graves upper eyelid retraction. METHODS Multiple midpupil angular eyelid distances of 75 upper eyelids of 55 patients (mean age = 41.7 ± 13.3 SD years) in the inactive phase of Graves orbitopathy were measured with a recently developed custom-made software. Sixty eyelids of 60 normal subjects(More)
PURPOSE One of the most common problems of the surgical management of Graves upper eyelid retraction is the occurrence of eyelid contour abnormalities. In the present study, the postoperative contour of a large sample of eyelids of patients with Graves orbitopathy was measured. METHODS The postoperative upper eyelid contour of 62 eyes of 43 patients with(More)
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