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This report introduces a framework for comparing radiotherapy treatment planning in multicentric in silico clinical trials. Quality assurance, data incompatibility, transfer and storage issues, and uniform analysis of results are discussed. The solutions that are given provide a useful guide for the set-up of future multicentric planning studies or public(More)
PURPOSE To present the first direct experimental in vitro comparison of the biological effectiveness of range-equivalent protons and carbon ion beams for Chinese hamster ovary cells exposed in a three-dimensional phantom using a pencil beam scanning technique and to compare the experimental data with a novel biophysical model. METHODS AND MATERIALS Cell(More)
A dynamic phantom has been developed to allow for measurement of 3D cell survival distributions and the corresponding distributions of the RBE-weighted dose (RBED) in the presence of motion. The phantom consists of two 96-microwell plates holding Chinese hamster ovary cells inside a container filled with culture medium and is placed on a movable stage.(More)
Since 1997 almost 400 patients with mainly head and neck cancer have been treated successfully with the rasterscan technique [1] at GSI. Due to interplay between scanned beam and organ motion, it is not possible to treat tumor sites influenced by respiratory motion. A potential technique to overcome this problem is tracking [2], where the beam position is(More)
The ALLEGRO European project aims to give a unified and consistent description as well as recommendations to be applied in estimating the risk of radiation therapy to the healthy tissue. For a complete description of radiation field, neutrons and photons are also to be considered and their dose needs to be estimated. In the target region the dose(More)
We have measured fragmentation cross-sections of Ar projectile nuclei at beam energy of 400 A MeV using experimental set-ups with plastic nuclear track detectors and different targets. In this paper total charge changing cross-sections and elemental fragmentation cross-sections for the production of fragments with charges ZF > or = 7 in interactions with H,(More)
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