Gheorghe Iacob

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Standard therapy requires high amounts of drugs, with subsequent risks of harmful effects on normal tissues. A treatment method that possible can avoid these risks is based on magnetic carriers (the method is designated also as magnetic carrier technique). The method consists in the selective attachment on a micro particle (permanent or reversible bonds),(More)
The aim of this paper is to summarize few aspects and underline some difficulties that hemocompatibility testing come up. The purpose of hemocompatibility testing is to look for possible undesirable changes in the blood caused directly by a medical device, by chemicals leaching from a device or biomaterials. Undesirable effects of device materials on the(More)
This work presents in brief some expectations related to the solution of certain biomedical problems by using a non-conventional physical method: The high-gradient magnetic separation (HGMS). At first a short presentation of the HGMS method is given and then its application in separation of the human blood components is reported. The up to date intensely(More)
The paper presents an overview on magnetic techniques of bio-processing and some of their possible applications. These techniques are in fact direct, or more frequently, indirect magnetic means for separation of particulate substances. A brief presentation of direct and of the most important indirect methods (magnetic carrier and magnetic fluids(More)
This paper presents the "high gradient magnetic separation" (HGMS) and its use in red blood cells separation. A high gradient magnetic field system is described (set up from a filamentary iron-magnetic matrix), that is specially design for red blood cells capture. The configurations and the conditions that are needed for the red blood cells concentration(More)
Because of a low risk of infection (around 2-3%), prophylactic use of antibiotics in neurosurgery is a controversial issue. Some neurosurgeons consider that there are strong arguments against the use of antimicrobials (promotion of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria, superinfection and adverse drug reactions) and meticulous aseptic techniques could be(More)
In order to enhance antineoplastic agents efficiency new therapy methods were developed one of which being magnetic targeted chemotherapy (MTC). MTC method consists in a permanent or reversible selective binding of highly magnetic particles (carriers) with drugs, antibodies et. al., followed by targeting or adhesion of these complexes to the tumor using an(More)
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