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Systems with multiple models or multi-controller structure represent one of the successful solutions for the real-time control of the nonlinear or multi-regime processes. The use of these structures imposes solving some specific problems, like best algorithm selection or control algorithm switching. The paper proposes a method for switching the algorithms(More)
This paper presents a model for integrating an advanced process control library in a cloud-based environment. The aim is to lower the development times, to reduce maintenance effort and decrease the complexity of process control applications by adopting a modular approach consisting of generic, reusable control strategies following an IEC 61499(More)
Smart Grid is the future of electricity based on information and telecommunication technology. This article presents the characteristics of the new technological developments in this field, some of the standards included in it, along with several implementation strategies. The validity of the novel proposed approach was demonstrated by simulation with a(More)
This paper analyses classic solutions and proposes a precise structure solution for the ratio control of nonlinear processes blend stations. The main feature of the proposed structure is to give a good ratio performance for both set-point changes and load disturbances that might occur in any one of the loops. For two or more included loops a nonlinearity(More)
The paper proposes a multiparameter sensor platform capable of measuring the rate and thermal stress state which the user (in particular a firefighter) is subject to. For that, three wearable sensors (temperature, humidity and heart rate) send the information via Zigbee low energy wireless protocol, to a remote device (smartphone, wrist watch or PDA)(More)
The large computational and storage capabilities of a cloud platform offer challenging opportunities to address advanced process control techniques and algorithms. This paper presents a cloud framework for a library of advanced control sequences and algorithms. This library can be used for online or offline model identification. The work presents the basic(More)
Smart grid technology is the future of electricity ordered by computers. This article presents the characteristics of the new technological developments in this area and reveals the fractal nature of this architecture, leading to a holonic structure which presents smart grid as a system bottom-up organized from autonomous entities that are recursively(More)
In the near future Smart Grid will be able to monitor and control key elements in the generation, transmission and distribution of energy to the end-user. This concept is in full development, but it will take a lot of time to achieve "maturity". Activities like consumer education, development of standards, technology improvement need to be(More)