Gheorghe Draganescu

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In this paper, the most adequate quantitative parameters are sought that reflect the dependence of speech sound distortions on the correct position of dental mountings. We suggest the Hurst fractal exponent and some parameters calculated from the Paul wavelet transform of speech sound are useful as quantitative parameters. The investigations are focussed on(More)
The operator algebras of a new family of relativistic geometric models of the relativistic oscillator [1] are studied. It is shown that, generally, the operator of number of quanta and the pair of the shift operators of each model are the generators of a non-unitary representation of the so(1, 2) algebra, except a special case when this algebra becomes the(More)
In this paper, we search an adequate quantitative method based on minimum variance spectral analysis in order to reflect the dependence of the speech quality on the correct positioning of the dental prostheses. We also search some quantitative parameters, which reflect the correct position of dental prostheses in a sensitive manner.
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