Ghazy M. Rateb Assassa

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In this paper, we present an improved approach to the " breaking the F5 algorithm ". The key idea is to search for an " optimal " value of β (the probability that a non-zero AC coefficient will be modified) for the image under consideration. Rather than averaging the values of β for 64 shifting steps worked on an image, an optimal β is determined that(More)
The aim of this paper is to present a framework that allows the generation of component-based software from object-oriented based software. The generation process is achieved via several steps starting from a transformation of the input software codes to their related UML designs; then creating the corresponding graphs whose nodes are elements such as(More)
In this paper, a spiral-based Least Significant Bit (LSB) approach for hiding messages in images is presented. The proposed approach is based on the LSB substitution technique applied on RGB color components of BMP images. The key idea is to divide the image into segments and process them differently. The presented approach considers three algorithms(More)
S : : G Ge en ne er ra at ti in ng g C Co om mp po on ne en nt t-B Ba as se ed d S So of ft tw wa ar re e f fr ro om m U UM ML L D Di ia ag gr ra am ms s i ACKNOWLEDMENTS To start with, I want to thank the Almighty Allah for his blessings and benevolence. They ensured the completion of this task in a satisfactory manner. I was able to overcome the arduous(More)
Software cost estimation is an important activity during software development. There are many sophisticated parametric models for estimating the size, cost, and schedule of Object Oriented (OO) software projects. Several authors assert that a model's predictive accuracy can be improved by calibrating its default parameters to a specific environment.. The(More)
Risk management is critical to the success of any software project. The project schedule is the core of the project planning. In the software project development process, risk scheduling is one of the most significant disciplines that cannot be mastered by anyone. So, evaluating risks to the schedule is complex. This paper presents different strategies for(More)