Ghazala Akram

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Numerical solutions of the tenth-order linear special case boundary value problems are obtained using eleventh degree spline. The end conditions consistent with the BVP, are also derived. Siddiqi and Twizell [S.S. Siddiqi, E.H. Twizell, Spline solutions of linear tenth order boundary value problems, Int. J. Comput. Math. 68 (1998) 345–362] presented the(More)
Published 1. End Conditions for Interpolatory Septic Spline Ghazala Akram and Shahid S. Siddiqi, International Journal of Computer Mathematics, Vol. 82, No. 12, 2005 pp15251540. 2. Solutions of Fifth Order Boundary-Value Problems Using NonPolynomial Spline Technique Shahid S. Siddiqi and Ghazala Akram, Applied Mathematics and Computation Vol. 175, No. 2,(More)
In this paper Quintic Spline is defined for the numerical solutions of the fourth order linear special case Boundary Value Problems. End conditions are also derived to complete the definition of spline.The algorithm developed approximates the solutions, and their higher order derivatives of differential equations. Numerical illustrations are tabulated to(More)
In this paper, the approximate solutions to the eighth-order boundary-value problems are presented using the reproducing kernel space method. The procedure is applied on both linear and nonlinear problems. Searching least value (SLV) method is investigated for nonlinear boundary value problems. The argument is based on the reproducing kernel space(More)