Ghassem Asrar

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Normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) data processed from measurements of advanced very high resolution radiometers (AVHRR) onboard the afternoon-viewing NOAA series satellites (NOAA 7, 9, and 11) were analyzed for spatial and temporal patterns comparable to those observed in atmosptleric CO2, near-surface air temperature, and sea surface(More)
15 The Earth System Science Partnership (ESSP) was established in 2001 by four global environmental change (GEC) research programmes: DIVERSITAS, IGBP, IHDP and WCRP. ESSP facilitates the study of the Earth's environment as an integrated system in order to understand how and why it is changing, and to explore the implications of these changes for global and(More)
The state of knowledge and outstanding challenges and opportunities in global water cycle observations, research and modeling are briefly reviewed to set the stage for the reasons behind the new thrusts promoted by the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) as Grand Challenges to be addressed on a 5-to 10-year time frame. Those focused on water are led by(More)
If agronomic variables (elated to vigor and yield of crops could be reliahly estimated from multispectral data, then crop growth and yield models coul~ be implemented for l.arqe areas. The objectives of these experiments were to determine relationships of key aqronomic characteristics and spectral properties of crops and to integrate spectral and(More)