Ghanshyam Singh

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In this study, a repeated correlative coding scheme is proposed to combat the inter-carrier interference (ICI) caused by the frequency offset in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) communication systems. This proposed scheme combine two ideas of the well-known methods, which are the coding of adjacent subcarriers with antipodal of the same(More)
The sophistication possible in a software defined radio has now reached a level where each radio can conceivably perform many beneficial tasks that help the user and network. It can also minimize the spectral congestion. If a radio could use favourable frequencies and choose waveforms that would minimize and avoid interference with existing radio(More)
This Transmission control protocol (TCP) detects congestion only after a packet has been dropped and it would be undesirable to have large queue because it would significantly increase the average delay in the network. In the current high speed networks, it is increasingly important to have mechanisms that keep throughput high but average queue sizes low.(More)
In this paper improved performance microstrip square patch antenna at terahertz frequency range has been analyzed. The antenna has been designed to radiate at any frequency point in the frequency band of 0.5 to 0.7THz with high gain and radiation efficiency. The effect of various parameters of substrate on radiating patch has been investigated. Gain and(More)
Recent developments in the wireless communication industry continue to drive the requirements for small, compatible, and affordable reconfigurable antennas. To overcome the challenges of multi-frequency operation a new scheme of frequency reconfiguration is proposed. In the proposed design a rectangular patch antenna with slots at the centre frequency 10(More)
In this paper, a novel frequency reconfigurable antenna design and development is proposed for wireless devices. In the proposed design, a rectangular patch antenna with square slot using two PIN diodes at the centre frequency 10 GHz was designed and simulated frequency reconfiguration is achieved in the frequency range of 10-10.5 GHz and the measured(More)
For optimal treatment planning, a meticulous diagnosis is the need of hour. This article focuses on the role of cone beam computerized tomography (CBCT), an imaging modality which offers many advantages by combining conventional x-rays with computerized volumetric reconstruction to reproduce a 3-dimensional image. A search of the peer-reviewed and indexed(More)
Cognitive Radio is an emerging wireless technology that has grabbed the attention of researchers, academicians, and telecommunication industries worldwide. Recent survey reports show that unlicensed frequency bands have become overcrowded from past few years with widespread acceptance of diverse wireless technology applications whereas, licensed frequency(More)
In this paper, I have explored a significant concept for the miniaturization of microstrip patch antenna configuration by using the double negative (DNG) left-handed Metamaterials, which have dielectric permittivity and magnetic perme-ability both negative, simultaneously. It is achieved through the concept of phase-compensation by thin slab consist of the(More)