Ghanshyam Singh Thakur

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In this study we investigate the significance of textual document which is now commonly recognized by researchers for better management, smart navigation, well-organized filtering, and finding the results. The challenging part is to extract the meaningfulness and to manage the purpose of the " best " Mining Rule .This research study is proposed to refine(More)
The self-control study on thirty normal subjects of both genders (mean age 25.83 +/- 3.41 years) were taken in a self control study group and were tested for three types of Nostril breathing practices and Breath Awareness (BA) effects. Namely verbal recall performance of numerical data such as Digit Span Forward (DSF) and Digit Span Backward (DSB) as well(More)
Clustering is one of the very important technique used for classification of large dataset and widely applied to many applications including analysis of social networking sites, aircraft accidental, company performance etc. In recent days, Communication, advertising through social networking sites are most popular and interactive strategy among the users.(More)
Data Mining is extraction of hidden knowledge from large set of data. Classification is a very important technique of data mining. Associative classification is a form of classification in which classification and association techniques are merged. From associative classification we can find more important rules and more accurate classification results.(More)
—Problem of decision making, especially in financial issues is a crucial task in every business. Profit Pattern mining hit the target but this job is found very difficult when it is depends on the imprecise and vague environment, which is frequent in recent years. The concept of vague association rule is novel way to address this difficulty. Merely few(More)
Today's world is a social world. Recommending resources in social networking is very common thing. There are various methods available to recommend friend, music, video, items in social networks. The users look at the web as a place where they can find an individual or group of people with the same or similar interests, or even find new friends. And many(More)